Many are still wondering where to buy PS5, and recent updates haven’t been too optimistic for an end to the PS5 restock situation. However, we are seeing regular drops taking place throughout the week, so those who stick at it can still buy PS5 despite the doom and gloom. 

That’s why we recommend staying away from reseller sites, even if the additional cost isn’t reaching the $1,000 heights we’ve seen in the past. Best Buy, Sony Direct and Walmart have all offered the chance to buy PS5 in the last week, so all is not lost – though finding a PS5 restock may just take a little more work.

Over in the UK, those wondering where to buy PS5 should head towards Very, Game, Amazon, and Tesco for more updates. Meanwhile, in Australia, the situation regarding PS5 stock is similarly dire. However, stock tends to arrive in small batches at Aussie retailers every few weeks.

PS5 restocks are still incredibly rare which is why we’re showing you exactly where to buy the new console in both the US and UK. Keep this page bookmarked, because we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates as soon as they come in, and stay in touch with the retailers below – you never know when you’ll land on more stock.

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