The first car of the domestic brand is coming in the market after Eid with all the modern facilities. The seven-seater car will cost only 3 million rupees. It is being marketed by Bangla Group Limited, an affiliate of Hossain Group of Industries. So that for the first time ‘Made in Bangladesh’ will be written.

If all goes well with the reduction in the incidence of corona, the group will start exporting the local brand ‘Bangla Gari’ next year. Initially 30 cars are on trial, 10 have already been sold.

Zakir Hossain, managing director (MD) of Hossain Group of Industries, told Jugantar that the benefits that a customer gets in a Mercedes-BMW car at a cost of crores of rupees will be available in a Bengali car for only Tk 3 million.One of its special features is that the car will carry the name Made in Bangladesh like the garment sector. Japan, China and India will lead the country in car production. In the first phase, there are showrooms of Bengali cars in 6 divisions of the country. Besides, the manufacturer is going to open 30 more showrooms.

In the meantime, a showroom of ‘Bangla Car’ has been opened at Tejgaon 161-182 in the capital. Where the 6-color car of the native own brand has been arranged. The new model car of 2021 is also being decorated in the showroom.He said that the factory for making Bengali cars is in Panchabati of Narayanganj. 12 types of cars will be marketed from there. These will include private cars, trucks, buses, lorries, pickups.

However, although the car sales activities have started, the official journey has not started yet. Though it was supposed to be inaugurated on March 26, the inauguration ceremony has been postponed due to the cowardly situation. If all goes well, the official inauguration will take place after Eid-ul-Fitr.

It is learned that Hossain Group is working jointly with Japan, Indonesia and China to manufacture Bangla cars of Bangladesh’s own brand. Ishuju engine, car made in Japanese body will be written ‘Made in Bangladesh.’

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